Is this what all the kids are up to these days?.

Missed the OOC thing COMPLETELY but here is OOC:Mieda
I invision Anti-Eda to be a foul-mouthed-sadist *laughs* like how other divisions view poidiv  ]]
  1. charles-dean said: JFC EDA YOU—-OMHDF BFJDSKA))
  2. zelmyr-leidal said: omfg jesus christ torn between sexy yespls and imagining this walking through the hallways of poidiv and asking if anyone needs help—
  3. jojc said: TOO OOC LOL MOG
  4. pastel-and-prose said: sighs as i begin to grasp reality. i will never have this woman. no matter how har d i delude my s e flvfgdfsdf wEEPS AND FITS))
  5. seimallow said: I guess Poidiv has a lot of people with hard to deal with personalities in a way? |D
  6. hzrdus-burn said: OMFG no one is going to ask poidiv for halp anymore LOOL))
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